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Kindergarten Principal

Dear KG Parents,
Welcome to the first time at school! I am Ms. Linda Walters and many parents and children know me already as the Elementary School Principal. Due to the on-again/off-again situation for COVID, there was doubt about whether KG would be included at school on campus. As such, I have taken on the additional role as KG Principal and will be pleased to be working along with the KG Vice-Principal, Ms. Fatima Reekan to welcome our KG students to school.

This is the first year in school for KG students, but for them it is always the first year! They are like grades 1 and 2 students who have also never attended school before, but only worked online.

We hope to make this a great experience for all our students and look forward to meeting the children and their parents upon arrival on our first days. We wish everyone a safe and happy school experience.