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Employee Packages


Employee Packages

Oversees Teacher Candidates Salaries & Benefits
Salary Ranges:

Salary scale is as per Ajial Bilingual School norm, which depends on experience and expertise as well as qualifications, credentials; years in career track and other variables


According to the Kuwaiti labor law, the employee is entitled to indemnity at the end of his employment period. Kuwaiti staff members, to whom the school pays their social security insurances, are not entitled to indemnity payments. Indemnity of staff members of other schools under Ajial Company, recruited at AJIAL, will be calculated taking their service at both schools separately.

Other Additional Benefits:

Ajial School provides single/ double fully-furnished housing accommodation with fully paid utilities, including electricity, water, and soft and hard furnishings.

Housing Allowance:

Housing allowance, if in the staff member’s contract, is either received as a housing allowance per month or the employee is provided with accommodation by AJIAL. It is the employee’s option. If a husband and wife are both working at AJIAL, they are both eligible for the housing allowance as per their contracts. The employees opting for housing accommodation provided by AJIAL, must complete the full year as per the rental contract. If they want to change their option and receive cash instead, they must vacate their school-provided accommodation before 30th June of that year. For all staff members who resign or whose contract is not renewed, they must vacate the school-provided accommodation before 30th June of that year.


The School provides a Bus service to and from school housing only.

Annual Return Airfare/Ticket Allotment:

Certain AJIAL staff members are eligible for annual return airfare or tickets to their country of residence. This is subject to proof of payment. The amount is paid as an addition to the employee’s summer pay.

Excess Baggage Allowance:

An excess baggage allowance is payable to employees (maximum 50 KWD).

Health Insurance:

Ajial School provides international health protection for our staff members against sickness and accidents. So we have contacted a best and utmost committed insurance company in Kuwait to provide a beneficiary health insurance package during the period of the contract and that as per the conditions and benefits committed by the insurance company.

Medical Insurance:

Depending on the terms of the employment contract, AJIAL provides medical expense reimbursement plans for employees.

Life Insurance & Work Injuries:

AJIAL provides life insurance & work injuries coverage for all its employees.

Summer Pay:

For every 5 days worked at AJIAL during the school year, the staff member is entitled for 1 day of summer pay which includes the basic salary and allowances as per the staff member’s contract.


With processing work visa, residency, driving license.